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The restaurant at Holiday Farm Eden Maron finds it a pleasure to have guests that enjoy tasting our simple dishes made from products coming from our own soil and all of which are home- made such as extra-virgin olive oil, vegetables and fruit, wine, honey and jam.

All our desserts and plates of cakes are strictly made by us, in order to give our clients the genuine sensation of traditional Trentino cuisine.

The restaurant is open from March to November but only by reservation; from Monday to Sunday we are open evenings only, Saturday and Sunday also includes midday meals.

Groups are very welcome. We also have a spacious indoor room and two outdoor terraces.

"You should not miss our traditional polenta dish; it is a great success for the palate"... Good cuisine, good wine, relaxation and wellness are the ideal ingredients for a holiday...

Via Marone, 23 - Riva del Garda (TN) - Tel. 0464 521520 - Fax 0464 661003 - - P.iva 016051802221